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Do your employees build relationships? Do you want your company or sales team to take advantage of the most revolutionary business card ever? We have a corporate manager to make the transition to Card as easy as possible for you and your employees.

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How to optimize your attention for business by using a digital business card.

Maybe you are content creator or salesperson, who is trying to get even more engagement and customers, but struggling to optimize new traffic to interact with your full online ecosystem, and you are feeling like there's no way to simplify your online presence for the people who find you.

You fear that some of the traffic you get doesn't stick and you will miss out on potential customers

You know there's a better way for people to engage with your ecosystem than just writing usernames in your Instagram bio.

You want the people who find you to see your value and buy from you.

You don't want people to miss the value you provide.

This is for people who want to optimize their traffic and attention.

Up until now, there hasn't been a medium for all social media platforms.

We are providing a digital business card for people who want to show their value, explain their offer, and get more customers.

We are helping content creators and salespeople with a medium for their online ecosystem to optimize their traffic.

Maybe you do business on Instagram, but you have a YouTube channel that showcases your product, and a Twitter where people can interact with you.

But on Instagram, you can only have one link in your bio. Make your link count with a digital business card.

When people land on your page, they'll click your Card. Your Card will be the portal to your entire ecosystem, your email, your social media accounts, your websites. New traffic will become immersed in everything you have to offer.

Maybe you're at a networking event, meeting lots of new people who you could do business with. You could have brought traditional business cards, but those aren't very convenient. They're often forgotten and thrown out. They aren't easily saved on a phone.

With a Card, you'll always have unlimited business cards, and they'll be the best business cards on the market. The people you meet will instantly have access to your entire ecosystem and will start seeing the value you can provide them right away.

You can give your Card to the people you meet via QR code (they don't need to have the app, they just need to open their camera), text or email, which will also save their contact information for you.

You can either stay in the messy ecosystem you have now or adopt a Card to organize everything for your traffic.

At scale, the effect is massive for your bottom line. By adopting a Card and increasing conversion rates, your traffic will become exponentially more efficient as you grow.

Card is for people who want to optimize their traffic and attention.

You will be able to have your entire online ecosystem organized on your Card. You will finally get rid of the clutter many social media platforms brings.

Card is simple, just sign up and add your usernames and links.

Card is free to try, and Premium is just $4.99/month.

The longer you wait, the longer your online ecosystem will remain messy, and the more traffic you won’t be optimizing.

So sign up now and use a Card to get rid of the clutter.